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    40+new fashion nails for spring 2020

    We have to stay at home most of the time in this spring.We should find something to pass the time and relax ourselves.Spring used to be the season for hanging out, but now there is no way to do so.Let’s do something about our nails. I have collected some manicures suitable for spring.Most of them are polished and colorful.Some lovely and lively.It’s not very complicated. Only matte nail polish and some cartoon stickers can be completed.After completion, you may be in a better mood. Let’s try it now.

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    Ersa Atelier Bridal Collection

    Ersa Atelier was founded by Cristina and Gabriela Antonescu. This is a top wedding brand from Romania.Gorgeous and complicated embroidery, lace, flowers and romantic Satin show the beautiful and luxurious Eastern European style.Soft tulle and delicate lace embroidery, mysterious and romantic. When Ersa Atelier first appeared in the fashion world, she was known for her hand embroidery and royal aesthetics. They follow the tradition of high-end fashion handicraft, thus customizing the wedding dress and evening dress that represent luxury. The combination of modern dress design with exquisite handwork, silk Organza, Italian tulle and French lace infuses the luxury style loved by the Eastern European royal family. In Spring and Summer 2020,…

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    Sandy Nour SC Resort 2020

    Sandy Nour is a Lebanese brand.Lace and organza are her favorite fabrics.Unlike the luxury style of other Lebanese dresses, its embroidery and sequins are just right.Sandy Nour returned to Beirut in 2005 to open her own studio after receiving her master’s degree in fashion design from the famous Istituto Marangoni School of design and art in Milan. She mainly designs evening dresses and wedding dresses. Sandy Nour’s design is popular not only in the Middle East, but also in Italy, France, Britain and other European countries. To the Moon & Back is the theme of the collection.It is mainly composed of star and moon elements. Small sequins like stars all over…

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    Katya Katya Bridal 2019/2020

    Katya Katya founded by Marina Kvasova and Katya Shehurina in London.They are from Latvia and graduated from the prestigious ESMOD fashion design school. Katya Katya blends modern vintage inspired styles with opulent lace and silk materials.Exquisite French lace and Italian silk, as well as the finishing touch of hand embroidery accessories provide different needs for the brides. Katya Katya can tailor the color, size and length for the bride, and freely assemble different design details in multiple dress styles to create a new image. The collection in this season mixes drama and soft bohemian aesthetic.This is a perfect design for a bohemian wedding and a romantic bride.There are also many real…

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    30+New nails design ideas for Spring 2020

    This spring is an unusual season.There are so many things happening in the world.When most people have to stay at home and feel confused, maybe we should do something happy to relieve our anxiety.After all, spring is coming. Make new nails for yourself. They can relax yourselves. The natural and simple nail shape is suitable for girls who advocate minimalism. The transparent and bright color can highlight the original appearance of the nail and set off the natural and non ostentatious texture. French nail is a manicure that is suitable for all seasons, and it is changeable. In order to create a lively and fashionable texture in the warm spring,…

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    Mark Bumgarner Formal Wear Spring/Summer 2019

    Philippine designer Mark Bumgarne has a legendary career experience.He was a racing driver before he became a fashion designer and has won more than 350 car related trophies. At that time, he often traveled around the world.In a world race, he realized that the car didn’t make him happy. So he decided to take a break and think about his future. Soon, he realized that his real passion was in the field of fashion design. Mark Bumgardner had a dream of  a fashion designer when he was a child. Although he has been focusing on racing since he grew up, his dream of becoming a designer has never given up.…

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    Azzi & Osta Couture Spring Summer 2019

    Fashion is wearable art. This sentence is particularly suitable for Azzi & Osta.The haute couture brand founded by designers George Azzi and Assaad Osta in 2010.George and Assaad both won major awards for their graduation projects. They also worked in Elie Saab after graduation and served as assistant designers for 18 months.With their innovative 3D cut dress, they quickly became a new star in the Lebanese fashion industry. Memoirs From The Silk Road is the theme of this season.This series is inspired by the Silk Road connecting the East and the West.Simple and retro. Duchess Satin,organza,Gazar combined with embroidery and pleats.Every dress is like a work of art.Nowadays, the style of Azzi &…

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    Luisa Sposa Spring 2020 Wedding Dress

    Luisa sposa was founded by Luisa Lotti in putignano in 1988. It was originally a family business.It offers customized wedding dresses made of the best materials  mainly from Italy and France. In 2020, the bride series perfectly shows the elegant, unique and fashionable style. Its wedding dress style makes you  feel the love and entering the fairy tale world at a glance.Luisa sposa used lace as the eternal romantic element of the wedding dress. Here,petal, lace and craft crystal are perfectly combined to make the wedding dress  fit the body curve with the retro lace hook flower, and the transparent lace is used to decorate the back line to make it more…

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    Moschino Spring 2018

    Moschino is an Italian brand named by designer Franco Moschino. It was founded in 1983. It is famous for its weird design, noble and charming style, and stylish humor.The main products are high-end ready-to-wear, denim, dinner dress and clothing accessories. But the different brands that have entered Milan’s fashion, the design of Moschino is always unexpected. In this season,Moschino still continues the previous playful style, interpreting fashion in a unique way.The model’s entire body is wrapped in bright and delicate flowers, using natural plants to made of clothes.Due to the low operability of flower garments, they are generally disposable. Although the clothes are beautiful, the time lasts too short.Not all…

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    Smoothie is made to order

    Smoothie originated in the United States in the 1970s and gradually became popular after the 1990s.It is a healthy eating concept.It is a natural energy drink.Mix chillino with fruit.Convenient, fast and nutritious. It is an effective weight control food. In the future, Smoothie will become an emerging beverage or fluid food, which is loved by women.Now famous American brands  have Jamba Juice,Smoothie King,Orange Julius.In Europe, the British brand Innocent Smoothies has an absolute advantage. Others include Zest Juice,Freshtime,Revive Juice. The 2000’s rendition of a professional smoothie recipe is: fruit juice, fruit, crushed ice, or nonfat frozen yogurt or soy milk. The product is generally made to order within a specialty juice…