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    Colorful Australia

    Although we can’t travel all over the world this spring, it’s better to look at beautiful pictures on the Internet.Colorful scenery can relax us. Let’s take a look at colorful Australia. Lake MacDonnell Lake MacDonnell is located in South Australia Eyre Peninsula.Because of the unique beauty here, every year many tourists come here to visit, and many people come here to take wedding photos.Roll down the window and let the sun and breeze surround you.At the end of the road, there are world-class wine and delicacies in South Australia waiting for you.

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    Creative photos

    The same scenery plus your creativity will be different.We will go to many famous scenic spots during our trip. You take pictures, he takes pictures, too. If there is no creativity, the same scenic spots will produce the same photos.If you use your imagination and take more creative photos, your photos will be unique.Paper cutting is cleverly applied to these ordinary photos.This immediately makes these photos interesting.

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    Amazing Hyperrealism Painting

    Hyperrealism also known as photorealism which originated and flourished in the United States at the end of the 20th century, and then spread all over the world. South Korean artist New-Sung Kim began to study oil painting at the age of 15, especially keen on super realistic biological oil painting.He carved every detail of his work with a miniature brush.His infatuation with the beauty of life began as a child. He liked wild animals since he was young, and often went to the wild to catch insects,  observe and draw them. The large-scale works are not only full of exquisite strokes, but also glass containers and water, metal and life form an absolute…

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    Kilchurn Castle,Castle in the narrow valley

    Kilchurn Castle is also known as castle in the narrow valley.It is one of the tourist attractions in Scotland.The castle was built in 1450. For a long time since then, the castle has undergone countless transformations and wars.In 1760, it was hit by lightning and turned into ruins.It is still well protected and still a dream in the surrounding charming scenery.It is one of Scotland’s most photographed castles. The outer wall of the dark gray rock, surrounded by the wild lake, shrouded in the dark cloud and fog, and watered by the gentle wind and rain, is lonely.Some protective repairs have been made in the castle, weeds in the ruins have…

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    Illustrations for children with different styles

    Children’s Day is coming.It’s a holiday children are looking forward to.Children‘s day is a joyful day full of laughter, excitement and expectation.On this special children’s day this year, I share some children’s illustrations of different styles.The illustrator turned the children’s imagination into an intuitive picture. Nico is an illustrator from France.His illustration is light in color. The children in the painting have a melancholy face, which is in sharp contrast to the children’s illustration works that we often see. Nico’s works pay more attention to the emotional expression of the characters in the paintings. Simple and abstract screen elements can instantly bring the viewer into the role.Children’s emotions are magnified in an instant.We can’t help but want to hug him.

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    Fantasy Art Painting by Eeva Nikunen

    Fantasy Art is not a serious art.It is more a part of popular culture. The origin of fantasy art can be traced back to the religious art in the 15th century.Hieronymus Bosch is the originator of fantasy art.Nowadays, fantasy art is integrated into many fields such as novel, film,television, game and design in different forms.No matter how varied the form of fantasy art ,Sublime is the most important aesthetic concept. Eeva Nikunen in an artist and illustrator located in Finland. Her oil paintings and illustrations inspired by Victoriana and Fantasy.Eeva Nikunen’s paintings are often exhibited in festivals and exhibitions in Finland and the United States. In addition, her works appear in…

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    Midnight sun will be published on 4th Aug.

    Midnight Sun will be published on 4th Aug. If you‘re a Twilight fan,you’ll be thrilled to hear that. The novel will tell the story of the first novel twilight from the perspective of Edward. The Twilight films always manage to cleverly blend melodrama with supernatural thrills.   Robert Pattinson , The Twilight star‘s moody insouciance and elegantly grungy look has won him legions of screaming fans. Let’s review the posters of the classic movies.  

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    90+new popular nails for spring 2020

    If you don’t get a chance to wear beautiful clothes at home, making a manicure is a good choice.Spring is full of natural flavor of flowers and fruits. Romantic flowers bring beauty to the warming weather.Most of them I recommend below are brightly colored and have lively patterns. Hope to bring you a good mood.Lively graffiti is also a popular element.

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    Delicious fruit platter

    Staying at home too long, lack of exercise. It’s easy to gain weight.Losing weight was a terrible struggle.We can’t resist the temptation of delicious food.If you‘re slimming, resisting tempting goodies becomes a measure of your ‘success‘ as a woman.People who eat several small meals and fruits a day are more likely to control hunger and lose weight. These fruits are not only good-looking, but also can reduce your calorie intake. It’s killing two birds with one stone.They may not be interested in eating alone, but it’s different to make them into fruit platters.

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    When a baker loves painting

    When you see such beautiful bread, will you eat it without hesitation?When you see such beautiful bread, will you not hesitate to eat it.I must be drooling while enjoying it.What a contradiction! These bread are made by Hannah who comes from North Carolina.When she started baking, even the oven was given by her colleagues.An oven, a simple recipe, these the beginning of Hannah.Her inspiration began to spring up after several months of trying. As we seen, the ingredients used in bread are very common.Tomato, purple cabbage, celery, onion, strawberry, mulberry etc.These ingredients are easy to find.These colorful vegetables and fruits replace the pigments.After her creation, bread became a piece of…