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    These fake nails match beautiful wedding dress, To be a perfect bride

    The bride’s wedding dress and hairstyle have always been the focus of attention of guests.In fact,the bride’s hand is another focus that will attract people’s attention.When you are holding bouquet, when your father is holding your hand, when the groom takes your hand,When you are exchanging rings,When you are raising your glass and etc.Beautiful fingers make you more confident. Let’s see the fake nails .They are very suitable for wedding. White wedding dress is the most classic color. It is very suitable for matching the same color fake nails.         

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    Slovenia has a very good road condition.The scenery along the way is fantastic.It is one of the scenes of Game of Thrones,also the hometown of the First Lady of the United States. Ljubljana,The capital of Slovenia, is a very beautiful small city. Overlooking the old city of Ljubljana from the castle on the hill, the scenery is very magnificent. Many people come here to watch the sunset. These old red-roofed houses side by side are really like the places in the picture.

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    Let your nails look like amber

    Amber nails look very retro,which are suitable any length of the nails.It has a gemstone luster and translucency.The process of making it is not complicated. 1.First coat the base gel.Bake with UV lamp for 30 seconds. 2.Then coat Gel dyeing(no need lamp) 3.Dip your nail art brush in the desired color for halo dyeing,then bake with UV lamp for 30 seconds. 4.Stick on your favorite sticker.Brush finishing gel and bake with lamp for 60 seconds.

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    Ponytail or Braid,There’s always one for you.

    The brides-to-be must be grabbing the last minute to make you more beautiful. If you want to improve your wedding style quickly, the easiest way is to choose a beautiful bridal hairstyle. Modern Bohemian Style Not flower and hair band,This hair accessories look like paper-cut with metallic luster. Cool and fresh. Hair hoop & Hair band A flower-studded hair hoop, coupled with flower-pattern earrings, is most suitable for a romantic garden wedding. Fresh and refined turquoise hair hoop  is the first choice for seaside wedding.It sets off the skin more fair and shiny.

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    These bridal hairstyles make you perfect.

    A perfect bridal hairstyle, not only need hand over with the nuptial dress  formal clothes echoes, but can also make the bride  be perfect. Simple hair accessories with natural and fresh wedding dress, looks like a fairy The veil makes up for the simplicity and length of the hair.

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    Follow these Ins Blogger,learn home decor.

    Wow! Those exquisite furniture ornaments are clearly our common brand, but why are they so beautiful in other people’s homes? Maybe the following bloggers can just give us the answer. Margo.hupert.art Margo is an artist who likes green plants.  Her home is almost decorated with green plants.White and grey as the main tone of the space, no redundant furniture.She’s good at building a sense of home with enough green plants. The walls and floors  are large areas of white.Natural and light color help her focus in the day. A lot of plants can make her feel the change of seasons at home.It’s a wonderful experience,isn’t it?