A smart washbasin determines the fashion level of the whole family.

As an indispensable part of bathroom, washroom has a higher pursuit of function and facial attractiveness.

Washing area should not only satisfy the basic needs of washing face and brushing teeth, but also increase the reception function to keep the toilet clean, beautiful and not messy at all times. Only in this way can the design style of the toilet be greatly improved and the use of it is more convenient and casual.

Log+geometric patterns,make your home exclusive

This house is designed by FMD Architects in Melbourne, Australia. It is the home of a young couple.The house uses a lot of geometric elements, irregular cutting surface. The living room ceiling is 4.5 metres high, giving a huge sense of space.

The triangular skylight is the most special, which not only improves the natural lighting of the room, but also creates a pattern language to convey the eternal love of the owner.

The most beautiful waterfall in the world

1.Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, what locals call “thunderous smoke”.When the Zambezi river rushes into the Batoka valley, it produces what locals call thunderous smoke. you can see the rising spray formed by two kilometers of water from a long distance.This spray forms a rainforest along the river bank. When the full moon comes, there will be an unusual moon rainbow.