We are what we eat.

Gregg Segal ,a photographer who visited to nine countries including The United States, India, Malaysia, Germany, France, Italy, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil to photograph the children’s food for a week.Seeing these photos, I want to try each of them.

Seeing these beautiful desserts, are you still hesitating to eat them?

Women who want to be slim always worry about eating too many calories every day.But the desserts bring us  so many temptations.Especially they are delicious and beautiful.

We love them and hate them.

20 latest cute nail design ideas

Finding your perfect summer nail is a must this season! You can go short or long. Bold or subtle. Either way, we have created a list of amazing summer nails for you to try.

30+ Ideas For Gorgeous Nails With Gold Foil Designs

when you opt for a gold foil nail design, you fear that it may look too much on your nails.Don’t worry, as long as it’s well matched even wholly foiled nails will look unique.The thin gold foil on the nail has a very good effect, it will not affect the nail surface smoothness at all.