Ester Haute 2019 from Israel

Ester Haute Couture’s 2019 bridal collection is filled with delicately feminine details — think whispers of laces, ethreal layers of tulle, and sprinklings of sequins, and sweet accents of ruffles and tiny bows– that are designed to make you swoon in delight… and we’re sharing them all with you here today! These wedding dresses are dreamy, romantic and oh-so-irresistibly pretty! So, are you ready to fall in love?

The beautiful women photographed by Mihaela Noroc

Mihaela Noroc,a photographer from Bucharest, Romania.She spent most of the last 6 years traveling in different countries of the world.

When she was 27 she decided to quit her ordinary life in Bucharest and put all her efforts and savings into travel and photography. She created The Atlas of Beauty.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful women she photographed.

A singer from Iceland

35 nail design ideas for early autumn

When changing seasons, girls always have some minor troubles, because they don’t know what new clothes and cosmetics to buy, including our nails, when changing seasons, they should also have a fresh feeling. For girls who love fashion, it really takes a lot of thought.

It’s still hot in early autumn, so those summer fashions are not out of date now. If you want to be a early adopter, you can also incorporate some autumn and winter elements.

Yesterday I found love. Today I’m wearing it.

Otilia Brailoiu,comes from Romania.

An Untold Poem as the theme of Spring summer 2019.

Using cascaded gauze, French lace embroidery, bow tie,Create a romantic atmosphere.

Lighting your house with colored tiles

Seeing too many black and  white. Bring some candy color to your home.

These color tiles like Macaron can do it.