Young women and children by Charles Courtney Curran

Early American Impressionist Charles Courtney Curran was memorable both for his elegant interior and exterior portraits of women and children, as well as for his leadership role at the Cragsmoor Art Colony.

Often compared to fellow American Impressionists Mary Cassatt, Frank Benson, and Edmund Charles Tarbell, Curran’s iconic paintings featuring graceful young women in flowing dresses set against the vast expanse of nature captivated art critics and the public, as well as his contemporaries. Curran’s impressionistic techniques utilizing loose brushstrokes and a vivid palette combined with his nostalgic subject matter encapsulate the leisurely summer beauty of Cragsmoor.

Luisa Beccaria from Italy- fall winter 2019

Luisa Beccaria finished her first dress when she was 23 years old.

The secret is style blending influences: it moves through generations and places, not losing its essence. A romantic, light, feminine style, represented by Luisa Beccaria, who fits a nowadays woman moving between dream, feelings, exotic destinations, art and poetry.

The journey of FW 19/20 collection is among views of an English garden and extravagant fairy tales from the East. It starts with a dreamy wintry landscape, made of flowers, leaves and branches softening into the sky, seen on blouses, pleated and midi dresses.