30+New nails design ideas for Spring 2020

This spring is an unusual season.There are so many things happening in the world.When most people have to stay at home and feel confused, maybe we should do something happy to relieve our anxiety.After all, spring is coming. Make new nails for yourself. They can relax yourselves.

The natural and simple nail shape is suitable for girls who advocate minimalism. The transparent and bright color can highlight the original appearance of the nail and set off the natural and non ostentatious texture.

French nail is a manicure that is suitable for all seasons, and it is changeable. In order to create a lively and fashionable texture in the warm spring, you can boldly try to draw French fingernails in colors other than white.

In this season, we will pay more attention to the design of the sense of space, draw simple lines with a small amount of colors, and focus on the blank. The highlights of nails will be more prominent.

Metal color matching is also a hot element of this season, but too much are tacky. Fashion girls can choose simple metal color lines for embellishment.

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