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A white shirt that never goes out of style

The hot summer is coming to an end and the weather is beginning to cool down.If you don’t have a new dress you like, why not go with a white shirt. I believe it’s in everyone’s closet.It is one of the most classic, versatile, temperament and popular item for all seasons.The white shirt is effortless chic for every woman.

Audrey Hepburn became a timeless classic in Roman holiday with a simple white shirt and skirt.

In Oscar’s red carpet of 1998,Sharon Stone’s simple white button-down skirt and lilac skirt brought unexpected fashion. It is one of the most gorgeous Oscars dresses.

In the movie Pretty Woman,Julia Roberts’s change is amazing, sexy, elegant and elegant. White shirt with denim skirt, with a curly hair, become the world’s classic beauty.

At the 46th Cannes International Film Festival in 1993, Gong Li’s simple style of white shirt and black trousers became a classic that many female stars could not surpass.

Hailey Bieber donned a oversized white shirt. This makes her sporty chic and sexy.

Finally, I summarize my opinions.A white shirt is a necessity for every woman.Never go wrong with jeans.If you want to look more elegant, wear it with a long skirt or silk scarf.The simplest white shirt has always been the ultimate temptation.



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