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Azzi & Osta Couture Spring Summer 2019

Fashion is wearable art. This sentence is particularly suitable for Azzi & Osta.The haute couture brand founded by designers George Azzi and Assaad Osta in 2010.George and Assaad both won major awards for their graduation projects. They also worked in Elie Saab after graduation and served as assistant designers for 18 months.With their innovative 3D cut dress, they quickly became a new star in the Lebanese fashion industry.

Memoirs From The Silk Road is the theme of this season.This series is inspired by the Silk Road connecting the East and the West.Simple and retro.

Duchess Satin,organza,Gazar combined with embroidery and pleats.Every dress is like a work of art.Nowadays, the style of Azzi & Osta is becoming more and more mature. Not only in Lebanon, but also in the world, it is very famous. Many European and American celebrities, such as Beyonce, Cardi B, Kendall Jenner, Queen of Jordan, are full of love for the design of Azzi & Osta.

At the end of the collection is the embroidered Cape Wedding Dress.The exquisite hand-made flower embroidery on the wedding dress is made by more than 20 craftsmen. The production time is more than 120 hours.The model in the wedding dress is like a princess in a fairy tale.

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