19 temporary tatoo on arm and hand

you can receive a tattoo on any portion of your physique. The tattoos may look fantastic on any component of your physique.

Tatoo is a wonderful choice for women because it can show your personality when you show your tattoo out. At the same time the tattoo is also beautiful.

Bride Veil,combine minimalism& avant-garde

There are many kinds of veil. The magic of the veil is important in the whole wedding dress. First of all, the veil should match your wedding dress. However, the coordination between the veil and your hairstyle is particularly important.

Make a rose gold hairs

Summer is coming. While buying new clothes, shoes and handbags, would you like to change your hairstyle to make it more fresh? Besides cutting a long hair short, it is also a good choice to dye a light-colored hair in order to look more refreshing and relaxed. Coffee is the safest choice, but every time you choose this color system,  will you feel bored over time, right? Then it’s time to change into a hot rose gold. This kind of pink and stylish hair color has been tried by many female stars in Europe and America, such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and so on. They are still not keeping up with the trend.

Ponytail or Braid,There’s always one for you.

The brides-to-be must be grabbing the last minute to make you more beautiful. If you want to improve your wedding style quickly, the easiest way is to choose a beautiful bridal hairstyle.

Modern Bohemian Style

Not flower and hair band,This hair accessories look like paper-cut with metallic luster. Cool and fresh.

Hair hoop & Hair band

A flower-studded hair hoop, coupled with flower-pattern earrings, is most suitable for a romantic garden wedding.

Fresh and refined turquoise hair hoop  is the first choice for seaside wedding.It sets off the skin more fair and shiny.