The garland makes you look youthful

Flowers can not only be used to decorate wedding venues, but also be woven into bridal garland.If you don’t like traditional white veil, why not consider the garland? Beautiful garland instead of traditional veil can add a lot of sense of spring.

White flowers are fit for all brides.

A garland with ears of wheat is more suitable for lawn weddings in country clubs.

When bridal bouquet meets beautiful nails

A beautiful bridal bouquet can be the focus of the wedding.The nail polish should also be matched with the flowers.Do  not miss all the details.

The texture, style and fabric of the wedding dress should be taken into account when choosing nail type and color.

If the dress is fashionable and concise, without redundant decoration, you can boldly choose interesting, bright tones.On the contrary, lighter neutral colors should be better.

Luxurious Baroque paper-cut Headwear

It is a typical artistic style representing European culture.Baroque art is a complex, luxurious and grandiose Art.

Russian artists Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin are very good at using paper to create amazing fashion clothes.Let’s enjoy these luxury headwear made of paper.I like them very much but want to roll them into a mass by kneading.

Bride’s beautiful hairstyle

You are about to become a bride. Don’t forget to make a beautiful hairstyle for yourself.A proper hairstyle will make you more confident.

Short-haired brides are the most convenient. You only need to adorn their hair with a beautiful hair accessory.

Veils,flowers and hair bands are all good choices.