The beautiful women photographed by Mihaela Noroc

Mihaela Noroc,a photographer from Bucharest, Romania.She spent most of the last 6 years traveling in different countries of the world.

When she was 27 she decided to quit her ordinary life in Bucharest and put all her efforts and savings into travel and photography. She created The Atlas of Beauty.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful women she photographed.

A singer from Iceland

Yesterday I found love. Today I’m wearing it.

Otilia Brailoiu,comes from Romania.

An Untold Poem as the theme of Spring summer 2019.

Using cascaded gauze, French lace embroidery, bow tie,Create a romantic atmosphere.

The garland makes you look youthful

Flowers can not only be used to decorate wedding venues, but also be woven into bridal garland.If you don’t like traditional white veil, why not consider the garland? Beautiful garland instead of traditional veil can add a lot of sense of spring.

White flowers are fit for all brides.

A garland with ears of wheat is more suitable for lawn weddings in country clubs.