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    Naeem Khan Fall 2020

    Naeem Khan is the same name brand of Indian designer Naeem Khan who comes from a family of desingers. His father and grandfather designed clothing for Indian royalty. In November 2009, Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, wore a golden off shoulder dress designed by Naeem Khan and a beige shawl to attend the national luncheon prepared by the White House for Indian visitors.This changed his life. Naeem Khan is good at gorgeous and delicate design, full of embroidery details, deeply influenced by Indian culture, and integrated into modern American style. In fall 2020,besides the dress,the headwear is a bright spot. Inspiration seems to come from sea…

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    Ziad nakad fall & winter 2018

    Ziad nakad was founded in 1997. One of the top ten haute couture brands in Lebanon.Born in Lebanon, he knew from a very young age that he would work in the fashion industry. Since he was young, he has been attracted by strange fabrics, pure embroidery and unconventional beading, which complement his current design and are especially suitable for his family. Inspired by this real success, the talented young man decided to explore his love for fashion more and integrate fashion art into the research in this field. Lebanese designers are good at luxury dress design.Ziad nakad is famous for its exquisite tulle embroidery and delicate feather decoration. In this season, these…

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    Unique evening dress by Sylvie Falcon

    Sylvie Falcon is a French designer. Unlike other wedding designers, Sylvie doesn’t like traditional simple wedding dresses. She prefers poetry to her every wedding dress. Her inspiration may come from the museum’s collection of saudement angel statues in Arras, as well as the iconic sculpture of the little clock tower.  Each of her dresses is a story.Each of them is unique.  

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    Beauty illustration by Karmen Loh

    Karmen Loh is a character concept artist and digital illustrator from Malaysia. High level of detail rendering can show the skin and lighting effects to make the image more vivid. I like the richness of the color and the light and shadow on the face of the model. Her portraits have often been described as feminine, fantasy with dreamy vibes.Her illustrations are beautiful and realistic, and pay attention to details.Her illustrations she drew is fashionable  and the whole picture is amazing and unforgettable.

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    Gothic Lolita Boutique

    Do you remember the classic film Dracula by Bram Stoker?In my opinion, it is mysterious and full of temptation. Gothic Lolita bring us this feeling.Gorgeous and mysterious. The style it embodies is totally different from the sweet lolita.But I was fascinated

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    Hayley Paige Spring 2020

    Hayley Paige is raised in California.She is the head designer of the Blush and Hayley Paige bridal collections,captures a clever aesthetic that balances playfulness with exceptional detail in her designs. Hayley Paige  wedding dresses feature stylish dresses with superior workmanship. She produces elegant wedding gowns in a variety of sumptuous fabrics. In this season,she seems to prefer white, everything returns to the original white. Embroidered A-line gown,embroidered sheath gown, ivory floral sequined bodice with nude lining and curved V-neckline, fitted crepe skirt with embroidered detail at the hip. Shown with sparkle tulle overskirt.Which is your favorite?

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    Lovers illustrations by Aeppol

    Aeppol is an illustrator from South Korea.She is painting little happiness. I introduced her illustrations before named The dairy of Forest Girl. Today, I collected some couple illustrations for the coming Valentine’s day. Even when we are tired , we are happy in small things. Just two people holding hands, walking in the warm sunshine.

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    Carolina Herrera New York 2020

    Carolina Herrera is born in Venezuela. The company has been based in New York City since 1980, and in 1981 the brand received recognition from several key publications, including Women’s Wear Daily and Tatler. As a designer, Carolina Herrera has not only fashion boutique Carolina Herrera New York Collection, Bridal Collectio, but also fashion, handbags, glasses and perfume in the CH Carolina store. The first Carolina Herrera flagship store is located in Madison Avenue, New York. Today, Carolina Herrera has extended from North America, Latin America, Europe to the Middle East, Africa and other places. Chic is the fashion created by Carolina Herrera. Integrate the lively and cheerful South American culture…