Short hair is fashionable,How to match is important

Cool short hair and simple shirt, absolutely can constitute the perfect Couple.

Put on the pure color shirt of the basic style, You look clean and refreshing.

Unbutton, reveal neck and look graceful and moving.

Wearing earrings or silk scarves doesn’t seem cumbersome.

Sexy and elegant with skirts.

Fresh and clear with White Dresses

Never say goodbye to Dragon Queen

The final season of Game of Thrones is coming back.The play has accompanied us for eight years.With the coming of the eighth season, I am both looking forward to and reluctant to part with it.Let’s review Dragon Queen’s beauty.

Two bossy posters first.

Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynars and the First Men,Queen/Lord of the Seven Kingdoms,Protector of the Realm,Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea,Breaker of Shackles/Chains,Queen of Meereen,Princess of Dragonstone,Unburnt,Mother of Dragons and etc.Every tittle carries a memory of the play.Title is changing, and the beauty of “Dragon Mother” will remain unchanged forever.

No exaggerated makeup, sparkling eyes, thick black eyeliner.Only a light foundation, a small range of pink blush.

Even if the face is covered with sand, there is no way to exclude her beauty.

Simple makeup, on the contrary, has a calm, elegant and charming .

Wedding dress,not only Vera Wang&Pronovias

Wearing a wedding dress is every girl’s dream.High-class wedding dress brands not only Vera Wang&Pronovias.

Let’s see what other high-class and elegant wedding dresses are.

1.Tony Ward from Lebanon

The wedding dress is gorgeous and romantic, with luxurious texture fabrics and exquisite and unique applique embroidery.




2.Saiid Kobeisy from Lebanon

Lebanon’s premium custom wedding dress brand and one of the top ten wedding dress brands in the world.


3.BirenZweig from Israel

The design team which led by husband Adi and wife Ofir, is feminine and sexy.


Serum&Essences,One of your most worthwhile investments in skin care products(I)

The serum is the most expensive and the most important thing in all skin care products.It has high concentration and quick effect.How much you value your skin, how much attention you have on serum.

Let’s talk about several common serums.

1.Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

An overnight facial serum with botanical oils.Smell like lavender.

Although it’s oil, it’s totally unbearable. The next day, when I got up, my skin was in excellent condition. It was not dry and had no greasy feeling at all.I like this Dr. Skeleton who makes me feel professional.

I will buy it again.

2.Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting

leaving me with a radiant glow?I can only say that it’s gentle and easy to absorb.

I couldn’t feel it will brighten and renew my skin.

3.Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estée Lauder’s super star.Suitable for all skin types,easy to absorb.

Skin feels smoother, hydrated, stronger.It has always been my regular serum.It gives me a sense of security.

Let your hair silky shine

We always complain about our hair being unruly just like a wayward child.

There are several ways to improve it.

1.Appropriate water temperature

When shampooing, the hair should be thoroughly wetted with warm water of about 40 degrees. The temperature should not be too high or too low, so as to avoid unclean cleaning or scalding.

2.First blister, then apply it to your hair

First pour shampoo in your hands, rub the foam and smear the hair, gently massage the hair along the direction of hair growth with your finger belly. Finally, rinse thoroughly.

3.Oil is neccessary

After shampooing, drop 2-3 drops of hair  essential oil on the palm, rub it until it gets hot, apply it on the hair, wrap it in a hot towel, and wait 20 minutes for the essential oil to be fully absorbed by the scalp.

Press the water out and suck it out with a cotton towel. Don’t rub it violently. Comb the knotted hair with horns and let it dry to 80 to 90 percent.