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    Windows with beautiful views

    It’s everyone’s dream to have a house with big windows.When the sun comes in from the window, it’s so relax to sit by the window and drink coffee.The window is like the eyes of the house. Through it, we can see different scenery.Windows don’t have to be rectangular. They have a lot of shapes. It can also be located in many parts of the room to make your house look very unique.  

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    4 Collocation Ideas For White Color House

    White is aesthetically pure.In the home space, the use of white in a large area will not make people feel boring, but bring us more design space.With white as the main color, the whole house is bright and clean, simple and generous, fresh and elegant. White is generally used with other colors, because white is suitable for matching with almost all other colors. If the housing area is small, white walls will not bring depression. White can not only increase the lighting of the house, but also increase the effect of space on the visual effect.If the house area is large, you can use dark color or light color, but…

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    Smoothie is made to order

    Smoothie originated in the United States in the 1970s and gradually became popular after the 1990s.It is a healthy eating concept.It is a natural energy drink.Mix chillino with fruit.Convenient, fast and nutritious. It is an effective weight control food. In the future, Smoothie will become an emerging beverage or fluid food, which is loved by women.Now famous American brands  have Jamba Juice,Smoothie King,Orange Julius.In Europe, the British brand Innocent Smoothies has an absolute advantage. Others include Zest Juice,Freshtime,Revive Juice. The 2000’s rendition of a professional smoothie recipe is: fruit juice, fruit, crushed ice, or nonfat frozen yogurt or soy milk. The product is generally made to order within a specialty juice…

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    Food from all over the world

    Life is not worth living without food you can look forward to and enjoy! Look at the following delicacies. Have you ever eaten them? Gado-gado from Indonesia It’s a vegetable salad with peanut butter.