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    Charles Villeneuve’s watercolors

    Charles Villeneuve is a French symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist. His works are  on displayed in Prague, Budapest, Madrid and other cities. His paintings of old  buildings are simple in color and have an unique aesthetic feeling.

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    Lovers illustrations by Aeppol

    Aeppol is an illustrator from South Korea.She is painting little happiness. I introduced her illustrations before named The dairy of Forest Girl. Today, I collected some couple illustrations for the coming Valentine’s day. Even when we are tired , we are happy in small things. Just two people holding hands, walking in the warm sunshine.

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    Illustrations about love

    Valentine’s day is coming.We share some illustrations about love. Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator and animator residing in the San Francisco . He began his art career when he was seven years old. Most of the below illustrations are about his love story with his wife. Do you want to be in love on the Valentine’s day seeing these sweet daily life?

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    Pedro Roldan Molina’s Painting Art

    The Impressionists tended to paint bright, cheerful pictures. Pedro Roldan Molina is an internationally recognized and well-known Spanish imprissionist. He was born in the province of Cordoba in Rute, Spain, in 1954. He studied art in Barcelona. His work can be seen in major museums around the world. The Impressionists were also the first painters to work outdoor.Many of their inspiration stems from the brilliant sunshine. His paintings are beautiful in many ways. The mix of textures is pleasing. The colors are crisp and then muddled…all nice mixed together perfectly. Many of his paintings are beautiful rural scenery, Bright colors, peaceful Castle,as if in a fairy tale world.

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    Feliks Kaparchuk’s acrylics painting

    Feliks Kaparchuk was born in 1990 in  Russia and moved to the United States in 1997. His love for art began in middle school, first with drawing, which quickly transitioned into painting after taking his first art class freshman year of high school. He has been painting with acrylics ever since then, about 14 years. Over the years, He has developed his own blending technique using a mop brush to make his backgrounds and colors blend smoothly.

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    Rebecca dotremer’s magic illustrations

    Rebecca dotremer was born in France in 1971.She graduated from Paris as a graphic arts and photography enthusiast and turned to youth illustrations on her first album in 1996. His unique style can be recognized at a glance. She is an artist who demands nobility, generosity and freedom. She has been seeking to transcend her boundaries and keep her works fresh and modest in the past 20 years! Its original format is a huge work of art, which is the real work of art pursued by collectors. Her work is very popular with children aged 3 to 11.These painting  are full of magic , as if we are in a…

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    Cute cat illustration by Limduey from South Korea

    There are many people who love cats in the world.Sometimes they are gentle and naughty like a kid. Still remember the illustrator named Aeppol I mentioned earlier.Her illustration The dairy of a forest girl is so popular. There is such a cat family, they live a carefree life. They love life and each other.These details were recorded by another illustrator named Limduey from South Korea. Let’s enjoy them together.

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    Super realistic illustration by Katerina Brovka

    Katerina Brovka is an illustrator,graphic designer and architect from Minsk.Her use of many different color markers, allows her to give her images a very realistic hue, at the same allowing her to inject a lot of light in her drawings. She takes most of her time for creating illustrations and sketches especially on food and building illustrations and she is also interested in the technique of realistic painting with alcohol markers. She is not only very talented but also has a one-of-a-kind perspective for portraying food and buildings. Her illustrations are bright and close to the photos. Now we show you some of her colorful illustrations.

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    The Diary Of A Forest Girl by Aeppol from South Korea

    The Christmas holiday is coming to an end.The children must still be immersed in the festival atmosphere. These illustrations are very suitable for this end of holiday. To whom are exhausted from city life. Aeppol is an illustrator from South Korea . He is currently illustrating a series called ‘Forest Girl’s Diary’ depicting the everyday life of a young girl with her animal friends in the forest full of imagination like a fairy tale book. She lives in the forest with her pet dog.Most of time she is happy.At Christmas,she will visit the animal friends in the forest.