White and black,Eternal Classics

Black and white is the color of the extremeblack and white artblack and white and faireven in black and white and reasonable.

The use of black and white in home decoration will never be out of date, and it is very advanced.

We are what we eat.

Gregg Segal ,a photographer who visited to nine countries including The United States, India, Malaysia, Germany, France, Italy, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil to photograph the children’s food for a week.Seeing these photos, I want to try each of them.

Seeing these beautiful desserts, are you still hesitating to eat them?

Women who want to be slim always worry about eating too many calories every day.But the desserts bring us  so many temptations.Especially they are delicious and beautiful.

We love them and hate them.

Soft logs, warm homes

Vren decorated his home with logs into a warm home .

Let’s take a look at his ideas.


Vren’s home is very simple, which is absolutely your first impression o. The low-key light wooden shoe cabinet stood in front of the door, quiet against a large area of milky white wall.

It’s very smart to make the porch and the interior floor into two colors. Sunshine shines in, but it seems very harmonious.

The indigo blue tiles are so beautiful! It reveals an exquisite sense of elegance of retro.