Soft logs, warm homes

Vren decorated his home with logs into a warm home .

Let’s take a look at his ideas.


Vren’s home is very simple, which is absolutely your first impression o. The low-key light wooden shoe cabinet stood in front of the door, quiet against a large area of milky white wall.

It’s very smart to make the porch and the interior floor into two colors. Sunshine shines in, but it seems very harmonious.

The indigo blue tiles are so beautiful! It reveals an exquisite sense of elegance of retro.

A smart washbasin determines the fashion level of the whole family.

As an indispensable part of bathroom, washroom has a higher pursuit of function and facial attractiveness.

Washing area should not only satisfy the basic needs of washing face and brushing teeth, but also increase the reception function to keep the toilet clean, beautiful and not messy at all times. Only in this way can the design style of the toilet be greatly improved and the use of it is more convenient and casual.

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Wow! Those exquisite furniture ornaments are clearly our common brand, but why are they so beautiful in other people’s homes?

Maybe the following bloggers can just give us the answer.

Margo is an artist who likes green plants.  Her home is almost decorated with green plants.White and grey as the main tone of the space, no redundant furniture.She’s good at building a sense of home with enough green plants.

The walls and floors  are large areas of white.Natural and light color help her focus in the day.

A lot of plants can make her feel the change of seasons at home.It’s a wonderful experience,isn’t it?

Log furniture takes us into the nature

We are always eager to be close to nature.We also like that our homes have more natural elements.Log furniture meets our needs,which always makes us feel comfortable and natural.They have natural texture, changeable shape and good smell.All these make our home unique and warm.Let’s see the following ideas.

The natural  shape, without any decoration, is  a work of art itself.

The wooden stake stool fits well with the log storage cabinet.

Log floors and  cabinets, with white curtains. The whole room is bathed in the early summer sunshine.

a tree changes the all-white home.