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    Wedding nail design for bride 2020

    It is time again, the holiday is coming. Wedding dress, place, guest list, bouquet, shoes, suits, bridesmaids and groomsmen.All is ready.As bride,Do not miss any details. Every fashionable girl will not ignore the place where the body can be beautiful, so the nails can be so small, there is a lot of room for decorating. Your hands will receive much attention on your special day.we have put together this list of beautiful wedding nails for your special day. When you walk down the aisle with the bouquets, the wedding nail will add the last touch to your bridal look.

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    30+Beautiful and Fashion Nail Art Design Ideas To Try In Winter 2019

    Christmas is coming.Have you found your nails lack of some fashionable nail art? Yes, recently, many girls personalize their fingernails with beautiful nail design to decorate the fingers. Polished and dark nails are perfect for winter.It’s snowing outside, holding a cup of hot coffee in the warm room. It is time to show your beautiful nails. It’s a good idea to play around with colors that go well with your winter. If you’re looking for the perfect nail polish color for you, here is an all-inclusive guide to help you out.

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    21 new nails for fall

    Fall is a good time of the year to get your nails done, because I absolutely love warmer tones.I am sure that you’ll find something that fits perfect for this fall. These fall nail designs have been carefully picked out with lots of patience and dedication so that you do not have to compromise on your style and elegance.

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    Retro Tortoiseshell Nails

    The combination of fashion and restoring ancient ways, classic and romance deduction, make you feel sincerity and the extraordinary creativity. These retro tortoiseshell nails are perfect for winter.

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    35 nail design ideas for early autumn

    When changing seasons, girls always have some minor troubles, because they don’t know what new clothes and cosmetics to buy, including our nails, when changing seasons, they should also have a fresh feeling. For girls who love fashion, it really takes a lot of thought. It’s still hot in early autumn, so those summer fashions are not out of date now. If you want to be a early adopter, you can also incorporate some autumn and winter elements.

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    What shape are your nails?

    Everyone’s nails are different in shape.Some are slender and some are thicker.Whatever, we can always find nails that suit you. Oval looks like elegant.The oval shape changes from wide to narrow, making the nails look more beautiful and slim.