28 eye catching cat eye nails

Do you want to look and feel special on nails this year?Beautiful nail designs make women happy and increase their personal charm. Fine manicured nails make women delicate and beautiful.

Cat’s Eye is mysterious and noble.Choose nail designs that best describe your dynamic personality and live up to the full!

21 French tip,Forever classics

Wanna a manicure? French tip is the most classic choice.Today’s French manicure has changed a lot.We recommend them to you. Whether you like traditional or innovative.

15 Velvet nails

Velvet nails look gentle and elegant,which are suitable for office lady.

Whether you plan to DIY your nail design at home or take the inspiration to a technician, these top ideas are sure to get you excited and fired up for some new fabulous fingertips.

15 candy color nails for summer

Candy color is the best color for summer.It stands for freshness and sweetness.Candy-colored nails go well with all kinds of summer clothes.

Whether it’s pants or skirts, there’s no problem.Workplace and leisure time are applicable.These cute nails makes me want a bite.

Manicure these cute toenails, you can put on sandals for the summer.

Summer is coming. We will put on sandals. We finally had a chance to show our beautiful toenails.Don’t miss it.Let’s get moving now.

Filling and Callus Treatment are necessary. Our toenails need these two steps more than our finger nails.

Nail polish  is most convenient.

These fake nails match beautiful wedding dress, To be a perfect bride

The bride’s wedding dress and hairstyle have always been the focus of attention of guests.In fact,the bride’s hand is another focus that will attract people’s attention.When you are holding bouquet, when your father is holding your hand, when the groom takes your hand,When you are exchanging rings,When you are raising your glass and etc.Beautiful fingers make you more confident.

Let’s see the fake nails .They are very suitable for wedding.

White wedding dress is the most classic color. It is very suitable for matching the same color fake nails.



Let your nails look like amber

Amber nails look very retro,which are suitable any length of the nails.It has a gemstone luster and translucency.The process of making it is not complicated.

1.First coat the base gel.Bake with UV lamp for 30 seconds.

2.Then coat Gel dyeing(no need lamp)

3.Dip your nail art brush in the desired color for halo dyeing,then bake with UV lamp for 30 seconds.

4.Stick on your favorite sticker.Brush finishing gel and bake with lamp for 60 seconds.