35 nail design ideas for early autumn

When changing seasons, girls always have some minor troubles, because they don’t know what new clothes and cosmetics to buy, including our nails, when changing seasons, they should also have a fresh feeling. For girls who love fashion, it really takes a lot of thought.

It’s still hot in early autumn, so those summer fashions are not out of date now. If you want to be a early adopter, you can also incorporate some autumn and winter elements.

20+ cute nail designs for your school lift

The first day of termwhich seemed so far away at the start of the summer  holidaysis looming.

School is startingand students across the country are about to spend lot  of time in the classroom and in the library.

Make childlike nails to celebrate your school life.

20+Peach color nails design ideas

Peach color is healthy and lovely.When young girls back to school,Make peach nails. It suits your youthful temperament very well.

50+beautiful Japanese nail designs

Japan is a famous center for fashion and novel ideas. Japanese manicure has grown into a very popular scene in Japan. It is not only a hobby, but has also evolved into a culture where more and more enthusiasts continue to grow every year.

In terms of application, surely there is nothing specific separating Japanese nail art from others. It’s all about spinning the use of nail polish of many different colors after all. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that one characteristic always appears in any Japanese nail arts: cuteness. The art is so cute you might want to have a seat from being stunned. But that’s beside the point. What matters most is the fact that you’ll get variations of shape and color.

Super beautiful nail picture, simple and fresh, very beautiful, I believe every girl will like it, let’s take a look.

40+hot toe nails designs for this summer

Toe nail art is one of the best ways to make your feet look sexy and interesting. If you are fond of nail art and manicure, you should pay more attention to your pedicure, as well. It is important to match your toe nail design with your footwear and clothes.Don’t ignore the details.

Fine toe nails can make you more perfect.