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    Six beautiful towns in the wold

    There are many beautiful places in the world worth visiting.These six towns are representative.You can choose one of them to travel in a year, which will definitely make your trip worthwhile. Hallstatt, Austria Hallstatt‘s beauty has earned it a listing as a UNESCO World Heritage site.It is the oldest town in Austria. Halstadtt has a warm climate and is suitable for tourism all the year round. This lakeside town, standing between steep slopes and gemstone-like emerald lakes, is full of fairy-tale houses.

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    Smoothie is made to order

    Smoothie originated in the United States in the 1970s and gradually became popular after the 1990s.It is a healthy eating concept.It is a natural energy drink.Mix chillino with fruit.Convenient, fast and nutritious. It is an effective weight control food. In the future, Smoothie will become an emerging beverage or fluid food, which is loved by women.Now famous American brands  have Jamba Juice,Smoothie King,Orange Julius.In Europe, the British brand Innocent Smoothies has an absolute advantage. Others include Zest Juice,Freshtime,Revive Juice. The 2000’s rendition of a professional smoothie recipe is: fruit juice, fruit, crushed ice, or nonfat frozen yogurt or soy milk. The product is generally made to order within a specialty juice…

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    The charm of Italy

    Italy, the birthplace of European culture and the center of ancient Roman Empire.Italy is suitable for traveling all the year round. The best season is from May to October. The peak season is from May to October. April to June is the best season.Italy has a warm climate with distinct seasons, dry summer and rainy winter. Even in midsummer, it’s cool in the shade and indoors, even at night Italy is located in the middle of Europe. It is a developed country of European industry. It is the starting place of European Renaissance. Italian tourist attractions are also world-famous. Italy has always been a tourist attraction in the eyes of…

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    Crystal world

    The very essence of romance is uncertainty. Sara Shakeel is a dentist.She brought us a crystal world by PS. These pictures are perfect for Christmas, aren’t they?

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    Young women and children by Charles Courtney Curran

    Early American Impressionist Charles Courtney Curran was memorable both for his elegant interior and exterior portraits of women and children, as well as for his leadership role at the Cragsmoor Art Colony. Often compared to fellow American Impressionists Mary Cassatt, Frank Benson, and Edmund Charles Tarbell, Curran’s iconic paintings featuring graceful young women in flowing dresses set against the vast expanse of nature captivated art critics and the public, as well as his contemporaries. Curran’s impressionistic techniques utilizing loose brushstrokes and a vivid palette combined with his nostalgic subject matter encapsulate the leisurely summer beauty of Cragsmoor.

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    Grass more beautiful than flowers

    We’ve seen too many beautiful flowers. Let’s see the grass.Though overlooked in favor of traditional turf and flowering plants, ornamental grasses can add beauty, movement, and textural interest to any yard. They’re available in a vast array of greens, golds, reds, and even blues to liven up flowerbeds, borders, and containers, and are suitable for a wide range of growing zones. Maybe they will give you some ideas to decorate the courtyard.