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Chotronette Dresses 2020

Chotronette is a dress design brand from Romania.Silvia Chiteala and Laura Cazacu are the creative directors who have similar interests.Both of them are addicted to the paintings of the famous Mexican female painter Frida Kahlo, loving the retro punk music and appreciate the architectural style of the Art Nouveau.They also enjoy films directed by Wes Anderson and Victorian costumes.

Romania has a developed textile industry.It has been reported in Vogue UK and Italy, Playboy Romania and many other local magazines.

The dress made of tulle is light and elegant.

Draped bodice with pink silk tulle.It makes you a princess in a castle.

Appliques is also one of its characteristics.It embellishes on the dress can create the dreamy romantic effect.

The short dress is about knee length. The waist is tight and the hem is fluffy. This style is very friendly to the girl who is not so slim.Fluffy Organza can be a good way to decorate the waist.

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