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Eight Honeymoon Travel Places in the World

Honeymoon travel is the sweetest stage in life. You must choose the place you yearn for and leave a good memory later.There are many choices, depending on the time and place. Here are some of the most representative honeymoon destinations.


Aegean beach white wall, blue roof church, colorful beach, so that Sntorini has become the most popular tourist island of Greece.

Santorini consists of three small islands because of a huge volcanic eruption in 1500 BC . On one side of the island, there are four towns close to the crater.They are Fhira,Imerovigli,Firostefani and Oia.Blue and white buildings are the hallmarks of the island. Fhira is the commercial and tourist center and coastal city on Santorini Island.There are also many independent designer’s studios and first-class restaurants on the island.

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