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Eight Honeymoon Travel Places in the World


Fiji consists of 322 islandsof which about one third are inhabited.May to October is the best time to travel. In Fiji, you can enjoy adventure, jet boats, bamboo rafting, hiking in the rainforest, mountain biking, fishing, swimming with manta ray, etc.

Fiji is a pearl in the South Pacific Ocean, spanning the eastern and Western hemispheres.Most of Fiji is a volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs.The seawater here is colored.There are blue sky, beautiful coastline, colorful coral reefs, the most primitive tribes and the most enthusiastic people.Diving in Fiji is very famous, and the Coral Coast is the largest diving spot in Fiji. Diving here, you can see amazing tropical fish, beautiful coral reefs. This dive site is very friendly to inexperienced divers because there is no obvious current in the area.

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