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Ersa Atelier Bridal Collection

Ersa Atelier was founded by Cristina and Gabriela Antonescu. This is a top wedding brand from Romania.Gorgeous and complicated embroidery, lace, flowers and romantic Satin show the beautiful and luxurious Eastern European style.Soft tulle and delicate lace embroidery, mysterious and romantic.

When Ersa Atelier first appeared in the fashion world, she was known for her hand embroidery and royal aesthetics. They follow the tradition of high-end fashion handicraft, thus customizing the wedding dress and evening dress that represent luxury.

The combination of modern dress design with exquisite handwork, silk Organza, Italian tulle and French lace infuses the luxury style loved by the Eastern European royal family.

In Spring and Summer 2020, a large number of hand embroideries are used. At the same time, Royal aesthetics is integrated into it. Large area of lace and Rhinestone decorations are selected, which are classic, luxurious and elegant.

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