Having these lipsticks,You look like a million dollars

Having a right lipstick,You’re instantly beautiful and attractive.

1.Guerlain 325

It makes you look soft.

2.YSL 416

Rotten Tomato Color .

Similar to Amani 405.

It is very durable, smear evenly, color rendering is very good, the most important thing is good makeup removal. In the process of color test, it does not need thick coating, but also can show full color. The glass lip effect is excellent. One disadvantage is that it is easy to stick hair.

3.Armani 400

Classic Red.

A delicate foundation is neccessary.It make you super star.

4.Chanel 43

Beautiful coral.fluorescent and velvet.

It is suitable for beauty with fair skin.

5.Burberry 41#velvet

Classic color matching, high saturation.

Makes you light.

Enough moisture.




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