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Mark Bumgarner Formal Wear Spring/Summer 2019

Philippine designer Mark Bumgarne has a legendary career experience.He was a racing driver before he became a fashion designer and has won more than 350 car related trophies.

At that time, he often traveled around the world.In a world race, he realized that the car didn’t make him happy. So he decided to take a break and think about his future. Soon, he realized that his real passion was in the field of fashion design. Mark Bumgardner had a dream of  a fashion designer when he was a child. Although he has been focusing on racing since he grew up, his dream of becoming a designer has never given up.

He began to focus on dress design. It’s hard to give up the status and qualifications of the past. There have been struggles. However, with the support of his family, he spent a difficult time and became the first Filipino fashion designer to enter Moda Operandi.

In the formal wear collection, he used a large number of satin materials to show classic and simple elegant beauty.The design of satin dress is generally simple. The unique texture of satin makes the model look dignified and elegant.Mark Bumgardner’s dresses are basically conservative, and the transparent tulle or lace are rarely used as the main fabric.Floral embroidery and printing also add a lot of vitality to the collection.

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