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Moschino Spring 2018

Moschino is an Italian brand named by designer Franco Moschino. It was founded in 1983. It is famous for its weird design, noble and charming style, and stylish humor.The main products are high-end ready-to-wear, denim, dinner dress and clothing accessories. But the different brands that have entered Milan’s fashion, the design of Moschino is always unexpected.

In this season,Moschino still continues the previous playful style, interpreting fashion in a unique way.The model’s entire body is wrapped in bright and delicate flowers, using natural plants to made of clothes.Due to the low operability of flower garments, they are generally disposable. Although the clothes are beautiful, the time lasts too short.Not all use real flowers, there are some artificial flowers.

There are flowers all over the body, which is very surprising at first glance.The designer really didn’t go the ordinary way. He wrapped the model up and down into a bunch of flowers.Very exciting to the audience’s sight.Some styles are not surprising, but the technique of dyeing the skirt is the high light.

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