Short hair is fashionable,How to match is important

Cool short hair and simple shirt, absolutely can constitute the perfect Couple.

Put on the pure color shirt of the basic style, You look clean and refreshing.

Unbutton, reveal neck and look graceful and moving.

Wearing earrings or silk scarves doesn’t seem cumbersome.

Sexy and elegant with skirts.

Fresh and clear with White Dresses

Never say goodbye to Dragon Queen

The final season of Game of Thrones is coming back.The play has accompanied us for eight years.With the coming of the eighth season, I am both looking forward to and reluctant to part with it.Let’s review Dragon Queen’s beauty.

Two bossy posters first.

Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynars and the First Men,Queen/Lord of the Seven Kingdoms,Protector of the Realm,Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea,Breaker of Shackles/Chains,Queen of Meereen,Princess of Dragonstone,Unburnt,Mother of Dragons and etc.Every tittle carries a memory of the play.Title is changing, and the beauty of “Dragon Mother” will remain unchanged forever.

No exaggerated makeup, sparkling eyes, thick black eyeliner.Only a light foundation, a small range of pink blush.

Even if the face is covered with sand, there is no way to exclude her beauty.

Simple makeup, on the contrary, has a calm, elegant and charming .

Sevilla, always the dark blue color

Sevilla is the famous city of Spain, the capital of Andalusia. It is not only the fourth largest city in Spain, but also the only city with an inland port. It was once the capital of the Goths and Moors, leaving behind many relics of world civilization.

Since it had been ruled by Arabs for a long time, the style of the cathedral and the palace basically maintained the original Arabic style and blended many Catholic styles after the recapture of the Kingdom of Castilla to the south.


It’s also the scene of Game of Thrones.

Sevilla Cathedral is one of the five world churches, ranking second only to Vatican Cathedral and Milan Cathedral.

Columbus, the most famous navigator  was buried here.


In the cathedral’s treasure house, the crown of the King of Spain is still preserved. It is the most expensive crown in the world. It uses a lot of gold and exotic treasures.

The little angel in the middle of the crown is made of the largest pearl in the world.

Sevilla is not only a city with rich historical heritage, but also an extremely beautiful city.



For those who want to see the beauty of heaven, come to Dubrovnik.

In recent years, Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Dubrovnik, a medieval city, is its heart.With the popularity of Game of Thrones, more and more people travel there.Dubrovnik is the main scene of King’s Landing.Let’s touch the old city together.

Dubrovnik City Walls

Standing in southern Croatia since the 7th century, it is considered one of the greatest defense systems of the Middle Ages.

Minceta Tower

Founded in 1463, it is the highest point of the Dubrovnik Wall. The wall is indestructible and 6 meters thick.

Pile Gate


Streets and streetlights were medieval style. They were a well-preserved city in medieval Europe.

Banje Beach

Banje Beach is the most famous beach in Dubrovnik. It has an excellent view of the old city wall and Lokrum Island.


The ancient city of Dubrovnik was listed on the World Heritage List by the United Nations in 1979.