30 splendid summer nail designs

Isn’t summer the most sunny season of the year with all that floral glory and the magic of nature surrounding us, while the pleasant weathers make everyday no less than a reason to celebrate yourself. How about integrating a dash of the season to your look with these awesome summer nail design ideas!

Soft logs, warm homes

Vren decorated his home with logs into a warm home .

Let’s take a look at his ideas.


Vren’s home is very simple, which is absolutely your first impression o. The low-key light wooden shoe cabinet stood in front of the door, quiet against a large area of milky white wall.

It’s very smart to make the porch and the interior floor into two colors. Sunshine shines in, but it seems very harmonious.

The indigo blue tiles are so beautiful! It reveals an exquisite sense of elegance of retro.

Cinderella’s crystal shoes.Bridal shoes

A pair of  wedding shoes is not only as simple as entering the wedding hall, but also implies accompanying oneself into a beautiful new marriage life.

It is every bride’s dream to wear a beautiful wedding dress and a pair of beautiful crystal shoes to become a fairy tale princess like Cinderella.

Manolo Blahnik

MB’s silk and satin  shoes are really beautiful.It ranks first place in the minds of many girls.Bella’s wedding shoes in Twilight are MB’s white satin crystal wedding shoes.

20 classic hair bows

The hair bow reminds me of sweet girls with their hair tied half back with the fabric bow in the back. Or a sweet prairie girl running in the meadows with long braids.

Bows are so cute and they look so adorable.Hair bows are fun accessories that can be worn with any length of hair and at any age.Hair Romance is all about having fun with your hair so why not put a bow on it?.

Girls just love them. They give dose of romance in everything.It will make your hair stylish, romantic and adorable at the same time.Here are 20 cute ideas for hairstyle with bow.They are for everyday and for every girl.

Lingerie Look,have a try

Lingerie Look was a sudden fashion a few years ago.Now Lingerie Look has been gradually accepted, and bold designers have already put the element into high-quality customized wedding dresses.

Dresses with built-in bustiers have been around for a long time and have been popular in Europe since the 16th century.

Now designers choose to show women’s bustiers outside, supplemented by beautiful fish bones.Designers can visually perfect your body with some special details.

Vera Wang

Bridal Wedding Dresses Fall 2019

Inbal Dror