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Rayane Bacha Spring Summer 2020

Rayane Bacha was founded by Rayane Bacha who is a knowledgeable female designer born in Lebanon.She is passionate about the plastic arts of clothing factories. Her major is not clothing design but graphic design.Later, she went to Istituto Marangoni in Madrid to study and got a bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

Rayane Bacha has worked for ElieSaab that is one of Lebanon’s most famous designer brands of Haute Couture dresses.Then she worked as a trainee designer in TonyWard.

Moonchild is the theme of this season for celebrating the free-spirited soul.There are not so many embroidered beads and sequins on the dress.Embroidery is just embellishment on the skirt. It’s more graphic.Even if the same heavy fabric is sewn together, it will not feel heavy.The light Tulle is romantic and elegant. It’s fresh and natural with embroidery on the waist.

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