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Sandy Nour SC Resort 2020

Sandy Nour is a Lebanese brand.Lace and organza are her favorite fabrics.Unlike the luxury style of other Lebanese dresses, its embroidery and sequins are just right.Sandy Nour returned to Beirut in 2005 to open her own studio after receiving her master’s degree in fashion design from the famous Istituto Marangoni School of design and art in Milan. She mainly designs evening dresses and wedding dresses. Sandy Nour’s design is popular not only in the Middle East, but also in Italy, France, Britain and other European countries.

To the Moon & Back is the theme of the collection.It is mainly composed of star and moon elements. Small sequins like stars all over the skirt, shining with luxury. Nebula printing looks mystery and the moon embroidery is romantic.

In addition to Tulle skirts, satin dresses also account for a large proportion of the collection.Sandy Nour makes the satin dresses not monotonous with pleats. It’s all floor length dresses, gorgeous and atmospheric, suitable for large-scale dinner.

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