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Shahira Lasheen couture from Egypt

Shahira Lasheen is definitely one of the Egyptian fashion designers you’d be impressed by their work. Shaheera Lasheen is a family operated brand that started in 2010, but soon boomed as one of the successful fashion ateliers in Cairo.

The colors Shahira Lasheen used were described as the colors of life, white, green, red and gray. Even the colors represent the stages of change that happened to these women. The light colors represent the dreamy personality that do not mind the problems of life, moving to darker colors that represent a darker evolution stage.
Shahira Lasheen didn’t start as a fashion designer, she’s actually a mechanical engineer, but pursued her fashion dream and actually achieved a lot. Shahira Lasheen was nominated for 10 best upcoming young Arab designers by Zuhair Murad. She even got a successful training time at Tony Ward’s fashion house in Lebanon.

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