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Smoothie is made to order

Smoothie originated in the United States in the 1970s and gradually became popular after the 1990s.It is a healthy eating concept.It is a natural energy drink.Mix chillino with fruit.Convenient, fast and nutritious.

It is an effective weight control food. In the future, Smoothie will become an emerging beverage or fluid food, which is loved by women.Now famous American brands  have Jamba Juice,Smoothie King,Orange Julius.In Europe, the British brand Innocent Smoothies has an absolute advantage. Others include Zest Juice,Freshtime,Revive Juice.

The 2000’s rendition of a professional smoothie recipe is: fruit juice, fruit, crushed ice, or nonfat frozen yogurt or soy milk. The product is generally made to order within a specialty juice and smoothie bar and is blended in a high-speed blender. The custom-made smoothie product can also include vitamin supplements. Smoothies served in this setting are generally deemed platinum or gold level smoothies

Platinum Smoothie is made to order and freshly cut.Gold Smoothie is made with any combination of fresh or 100% juice concentrates.Silver Smoothie is  made from a starter mix or other proprietary smoothie base, which uses 100% natural ingredients.Bronze Smoothie is made from a prepackaged smoothie mix or a product that is not 100% natural.

Here are the very beautiful smoothies.Although we do n’t know its taste, we feel appetite when we see them.

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