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Switzerland’s breakfast and snow mountain

Switzerland is a beautiful country, very suitable for Tourism.She depths of the European center, “Roof of Europe“, is also the world‘s most affluent countriesin the world.

Recently, because of a Korean TV play named Crash Landing on You, it has become one of the countries that lovers want to go to most.

Pure snow mountain and delicious breakfast make the scenery here more perfect.

Alps is located in South Central Europe, covering northern Italy, southeast France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, southern Germany and Slovenia. The Alps extend from the subtropical Mediterranean coast near Nice, France, north to Lake Geneva, then northeast to Vienna on the Danube.

How can you not taste the local food when you come to Switzerland.Cheese Fondue,Rosti,Roasted flour soup, Tartiflette,Birchermesli,You can always find one you like.

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