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The charm of corset

Corset is a kind of clothing popular in Europe from the Renaissance to the middle of the 20th century. It has bound the female body for more than 400 years, and the corset of each era is different.The process of wearing a corset is hard, and one can’t do it. You can see it from this cartoon.

The Victorian era reached its peak. In the early 1860sit prevailed shapeWomen use bodicehoop skirts and petticoats to create this effect.In the movie Marie Antoinette, Queen Mary wore this corset to show her perfect figure.

In the movie Gone With The Wind, Scarlett also wore such a corset.

In the movie Sissi,Princess Sissi also wore such a corset.

In the movie The Favourite.In the use of color, it is not rich, but the exquisite details perfectly restore the 18th century England.The biggest characteristics of women’s clothing at that time. V-shaped corset was exaggerated and tight, and umbrella shaped skirt was exaggerated. The huge contrast between the two created a very extreme female body.The process of wearing a corset is undoubtedly difficult and uncomfortable. But in some special occasions, such as wedding dress and evening dress, wearing corset can make your body perfect.

There is a corset shop named Bibian Blue in Barcelona.It is a pioneer in the hand-made exquisite elaboration of corset.She is not only a corset brand, but also has her own haute couture.Of course, these haute couture dresses also create the curvy figure that a corset can create.

Butterfly like color, oil painting effect, fluffy skirt and ruffle neckline lace.The retro style is exquisite and elegant.



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