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The charm of Italy

Italy, the birthplace of European culture and the center of ancient Roman Empire.Italy is suitable for traveling all the year round. The best season is from May to October. The peak season is from May to October. April to June is the best season.Italy has a warm climate with distinct seasons, dry summer and rainy winter. Even in midsummer, it’s cool in the shade and indoors, even at night

Italy is located in the middle of Europe. It is a developed country of European industry. It is the starting place of European Renaissance. Italian tourist attractions are also world-famous.

Italy has always been a tourist attraction in the eyes of tourists from all over the world due to its large number of cultural cities and historical sites. As the origin of Western civilization, Italy has many distinctive towns. Most of these towns are surrounded by mountains and rivers. Some are simple and fashionable, but they are quiet and charming.

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